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Conflux 5 1920's Banquet silks, ceramics - Ed's Itorial
Conflux 5 1920's Banquet silks, ceramics
I'm spending a few days of the October long weekend down in Canberra mixing business with pleasure. The business is I'm taking down some of my hand-painted silk ware and ceramics to sell. The pleasure side of it is I get the chance to be social with a lot of my friends, and I'm staying in a hotel that offers a sauna and an indoor heated pool.

The theme for the Con Banquet is "1920's." Anne Devrell and I have both bought tickets to attend.

I was just thinking how much effort the convention has put into this banquet...Gillian Pollack has developed an authentic menu from the period, I understand (not sure if we'll be drinking booze out of tea-cups or not)...but how did the con manage to pull off the current  financial global meltdown that so resembles the start of the Great Depression??? Wow! I bet *that* took some planning! ; - )

I'm already feeling frivolous and looking forward to a great weekend.

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