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Below is a running list of what I consider my creative acheivements as a writer/editor/convention committee member over the years.

I'm a plodder. If I was a racehorse, you'd bet on me for a place rather than a win, but I'm still plodding along, and I think I've notched up a few runs on the board that is my writing/creative life.

Please note that the hiatus circa 2004-2005 was related to my undergoing severe vision loss, and a course of  operations to preserve my sight. It's a joy to be able to still write fiction and articles, and to edit and proofread these days when I thought my creative career was over for good as my sight began to decline.  With any luck, I'll be updating this CV for many years to come.

Fiction: Published Short Stories


"We Wonder" Published in Beyond Antares no. 9, 1979.

"Tyger" Beyond Antares no. 15, 1980.

"Greengags" . Beyond Antares , no. 16 1981.

"Old Stiff Bones," Medical Journal no. 1, 1981.

"It takes a Thief" Chronicles no. 1, 1981.

"She Just Dropped In" Yggdrasil (Magazine of the Melbourne University Science Fiction Assoc) 1982

"The Wanderer" Eye of Newt, no. 1, 1982

"Servalan" Chronicles no. 7, 1982

"McCoy: The Right Kind of Different"  Beyond Antares no. 21, 1982

"Space Cow" Yggdrasil (Magazine of the Melbourne University Science Fiction Assoc) 1983

"Only the End of the World Again" Multiverse no. 10, June 1983.

"Reunited" Eye of Newt no. 2, 1983

"Such a Brave Man" T'salta no. 2, 1984

"Travesty" Medtrek 84 fanzine 1984.

"To Catch a Thief" Chronicles 12/13 1984.

"Once Bitten" Lip Service 1984

"Lone Survivor" Chronicles no.25 1986.

"No Pets Allowed" Out of the Ashes 1986.

"Post Blake With Fangs" Eccentricon Productions 1987

"Where the Last Unicorn Went" Conglomeration no. 2 1988 (?)

"Metaphysical Company" Chronicles no. 35 1988

"On a Hot Tin Roof" Conspire Program Book 1989.

"The Breaker" Backtrack no. 1 1989.

"Dragonriders Lament" Eye of Newt no. 5 1991.

"Dreamfasting" Chronicles no. 47 1991.

"When You're In Love You Want to Tell the World" No Shadow of Another No. 2 1992

"On the Up," Backtrack no. 7 1993.

"Married to the Job"Homosapien Trois 1993

"Nut Cutlet" Cohorts (copyright 1993, published 1995)

"A.W.O.L" Homosapien Four 1996

"Two of Us" Cohorts 3, 1997

"Heart of Stone" Cohorts 3, 1997

"An Audience of One" Homosapien Five, 1997 .

"Chippies" Aurealis Issue 19, June/July, 1997.

"Party" Antipodean SF. Issue 1. Feb 1998.

 (Reviewed by Simon Brown for Eidolon On Line SF)

"Peace by Piece" Horrorscope. Issue 1 February 1998.

"Moving On" Antipodean SF. Issue 3  May,1998. (Reviewed by Simon Brown for Eidolon On Line SF)

"Moving On" (reprint with same editor)Nuggets e-magazine. May,1998.

"Aliens Here" Under Magellenic Clouds issue 4, Winter/Spring 1998.

"Earth Girls Aren't Easy" Antippodean Issue 10 . Dec '98.

"The Dragon Ring" Harbinger Speculative Fiction  Issue 1, Jan, 1999.

"Helga" Leaves of the Forest Muse Anthology, 1997. Published 1999.

"Only Women Bleed" Harbinger Speculative Fiction Issue 2, April 1999

 (Reviewed by Simon Brown for Eidolon On Line SF)

"Off course, of course" Antipodean SF, issue 18, August, 1999.

"Up on the Roof" Harbinger Speculative Fiction Issue 4, September, 1999.

"A Vulcan's most sensitive organ." Beyond Antares Issue 36, 1999.

"Legends Never Die" Chronicles Issue 64, 1999.

"Writers Hands" Antipodean SF Issue 23, January 2000.

“Peace by Piece” Redsine 1 August, 2000. (E-zine)

“She Just Dropped in.” (#2) Vile Temptress #1   April 2001.

Ride a Fine Horse” ConSensual. April 2001

“Pharlap Revisited.” Antipodean SF40 June 2001

“Get me to the Worldcon on Time.” Fables and Reflections Issue 1, Nov 2001.

“Keep My Things They’ve Come to Take Me Home,” Fables and Reflections Issue 2,

 March 2002

My Sweet 286” AustrAlien Absurdities( Anthology), (Edited by Chuck McKenzie and Tansy Rayner Roberts.) May 2002.

“Mug” Andromeda Spaceways Inglight Magazain #2 (August 2002)

“Back Looks” Cohorts 6 November, 2002.

“Divorce” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Issue #4 (December, 2002)

“Zinc of Me” Consensual: The Second Coming (April, 2003)

“When Whales Cry” Potato Monkey Issue 3.( September, 2003) 

“Following a Haunch” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine issue 9. (October 2003)

"Teach your children well" Antipodean SF no. 164, February 2012.


"Helga" in "Leaves of the Forest Muse" - 1998 anthology of the Calembeen Writers Group.

"Party" and "Moving On" in Antipodean SF Anthology #1, 1998-1999.

“Riding the Range With Mary-Jane” in “Riding High” Thrillogies ed by Paul Collins and Meredith Costain. Longman Press. September, 2001.

“Eggs” in “On the Case” Thrillogies ed by Paul Collins and Meredith Costain. Longman Press, September, 2001.

“My Sweet 286” AustrAlien Absurdities Anthology, (Edited by Chuck McKenzie and Tansy Rayner Roberts.) May 2002.

“She Just Dropped In” (Reprint) published in Strange Pleasures 3, Prime Books, UK, 2005.

“When Whales Cry” (reprint) in Under the Rose ed David Hutchensen.

“I Belong to this Red Earth” Belong Anthologyedited by Russell B Farr. Ticonderoga press, 2010

Rocket and Sparky” Worlds next Door edited by Tehani Wesseley. Fablecroft Publications, 2010.

"HG" Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Issue 54, June 2012.


Young Adult Science Fiction novel.

The Whale’s Tale.Editor, Sarah Murray White. Peggy Bright Books, 2009 (www.peggybrightbooks.com)


 "Terran Mother Vulcan Son," Beyond Antares no. ? 1978

"Emotive" Beyond Antares no. 15, 1979

"And Died In an Alien Sun" Beyond Antares no. 13 1979

"No room Left on the Saucer" Nexus Magazine no. 1 1980.

"Darling, I'm home." Beyond Antares R 1980

"A Klingon Khristmas Karol" Beyond Antares no. 16 1981

"Ode to the Creator of the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster" Medtrek Fanzine 1982

"Leadana" Beyond Antares no. 10 1981

"We are only Children"/ "Hail the Saviour" A Book of Our Own Women & Arts Festival 1982

"Greensleeves" Beyond Antares R no. 7 1988

"1-2-3" Beyond Antares R no. 7 1988

"Dolphin Learning" Caress of the Moon: International Library of Poetry. (ISBN 1-57553-443-6) 1997

“We Were A Family Then.” Micropress Oz Vol 10, Issue 5, (ISSN 1320-4157) June 2002.



 "Con Countdown." Article regarding Aussiecon 3. Published in Aurealis 20/21 April,1998.

"Aussiecon 3" Article regarding Aussiecon 3. Published in Harbinger Issue 2, April, 1999.

"Australians In the Light: Rob Riel" about SF writer/poet. Published in Harbinger Issue 3, July, 1999.

Review of "For as Long as You Burn" poetry anthology by Rob Riel. Published in Antipodean SF Issue 19, Sept. 1999.

Simon Brown & Sean Williams: SF Bookends?” Aurealis27/28 November, 2001

“Vale Douglas Adams” Orb Speculative Fiction Magazine issue3/4 June,2002. ($30).

Connecting With Bob Eggleton.” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine  Issue 4, December 2002

Connecting With Bob Eggleton.” Updated version of article reprinted in September 2003.

“Awakenings at Anzac House” VileTemptress 3. (?.)

Why are the best Australian SF stories being printed overseas?” Aurealis 32 Published May, 2004

“Keys of Power series” (article/extended review of Simon Brown’s trillogy ) Aurealis 33/34/35 January 2005

“Keys of Power series” (article/extended review on Simon Brown’s trillogy) Rewritten & updated, published online at   (October 2005)

What Happens When You Die” (Published as “Protecting the SF Collection” published in Specusphere, www. specusphere.org November, 2005.

Inerview with Sean Williams, Simon Brown and Shane Dix, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine issue 23.

Interview with Adrian Bedford. Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine issue 29.

Interview with Alstair Reynolds. Andromeda Spaceways Inflight magazine issue 31.

"Time for Tom Rynosserous" Interview with Terry Dowling. Andromeda Spaceways Inflight magazine issue 35.

Interview with Pamela Freeman, Androemda Spaceways inflight Magazine issue 38.

"Melbourne is Full of Vampires" article comparing the works of Kerri Arthur and Narelle Harris,
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine issue 40

"Why Not a Donkey?" Grassroots magazine Issue 78 (?) 2007 (?)

"Dog-carting" Grassroots magazine, 84 (?) 2009 (?)

 Interview with Sue Bursztynski, Magpies magazine, November 2010.

Interview with Sam Bowing, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine issue 49, December 2010.

Interview with Professor George Williams on Lecturing in law and his interests in SF published in Ratio, UQLS (University of Queensland Law Society) September, 2011.

Interview with Jo Anderton, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine issue 53, Feb 2012

Article on mamoth Donkeys. Grass Roots magaze 209 Feb/march 2012.


Review of Jo Anderton's book, "Debris" in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine issue 53, Feb 2012
Review of Richard Harland's book, "Liberator" in ASIM 53, Feb 2012.
Review of Peter Donovan's "Nibiru 2013" in ASIM 53, Feb 2012 


 Astrex Literary Awards 1977.

      1st Prize Fiction. "Rebuilding the Enterprise"

      2nd Prize Poetry. "Terran Mother/Vulcan Son"

Astrex Literary Awards 1978

     3rd Prize Long Fiction "McCoy: The Right Kind of Different"

     2nd Prize Miscellaneous. "We Wonder."

Astrex Literary Awards 1979

     3rd Prize Poetry. "Emotive"

     3rd Prize Story ."Tyger"

Astrex Literary Awards 1980

     3rd Prize Story. "Greengags"

     3rd Prize Poetry. "A Klingon Khristmas Karol."

Melbourne University Science Fiction Association Literary Competition 1981

     Honorable Mention: "She just dropped in" (Published in Yggdrasil - See above.)

Medtrek Literary Competition 1982

     First Prize Poetry. "Ode to the Creator of the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster."

Astrex Literary Awards 1982

     First prize story (shared) "Rec Room"

Mary Grant Bruce Awards 1986

     High Commendation for "The Dragon Ring"

Australian Science Fiction Media Awards

     Best writer 1987

Australian Science Fiction Media Awards

     Best writer 1990.

Mary Grant Bruce Awards, 1996.

     Commended for "Restitution"


Manly Peninsular FAW annual competition.1997

     1st Prize, article section. "Writes of Passage."

Calembeen Literary Awards, 1997.

     Highly Commended for "Helga" in Children's story section. (Published in anthology.: “Leaves of the Forrest Muse”,1998)

 Inaugral George Turner Prize:1997 Young Adults Novel: "Boyfriend Wanted: No Experience Necessary" short-listed. (Short list, 10 un-published novels out of 130 entries)

 Emma Darcy Award for Romance Novels 1998."Boyfriend Wanted: No Experience Necessary" Made it into the third round (semi-finals.) Judged to be in the top 12 of 66 entries. Certificate of Merit awarded.

 Australian Science Fiction Awards (Ditmars) Best fanzine: The Australian SF Bullsheet (Edwina Harvey and Edwin A. Scribner.) 2004. (conflux convention 2004)

 Australian Science Fiction Awards (Ditmars) Best fanzine: The Australian SF Bullsheet (Edwina Harvey and Edwin A. Scribner.) 2005. (Thylacon convention 2005)

 Australian Science Fiction Awards (Ditmars) Best fanzine: The Australian SF Bullsheet (Edwina Harvey and Edwin A. Scribner.) 2006. (Brisbane, 2006)


Proofread Cohorts magazine (IIBNF Press) Issues

Slush reader and proofreader  Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, August,2002 - ..


Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Issues 8, 10, 16, 17, 35 , 40 49

Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet. (Monthly newsletter) from issue 1, April 2002, to Issue 101, August 2010.

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine issue 12 , 24,33,42

Editor “Rare Unsigned Copy: Tales of Rocketry, Ineptitude and Giant Mutant Vegtables” a collection of work by Simon Petrie. Peggy Bright Books, 2010. (www.peggybrightbooks.com)

Editor (with Simon Petrie) Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear spec-fic anthology. Peggy Bright Books, June 2012.

Edited :Never Too Young To Make A Difference" a yet to be published children's novel by Dr Serrie Kamara, 2012.

Editorial comments on 2012 edition of Life, Death & Detention by George Ivanoff. Morris Publishing, Australia (acknowledged in the forward)  



Convention Experience:

Medtrek 1982, Hydro Majestic, Medlowbath, NSW
   Running a candidate for the (mock) Galactic Senate Campaign.
   Writing and Production of amatuer play "Nova Time Like the Present"

Medtrek 1984, Shore Motor Inn, Arncliffe Sydney. Member of 3 person panel on homo-erotica.

Member of 3 person panel on being a small press publisher,Timewarp Convention, 1986, Hyde Park Motel, College St, Sydney.

Member of 3 person panel re Douglas Adams' Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy. Eccentricon Convention, 1987. Richmond, NSW.

Member of the fundraising committee for this convention. Active from 1986 until this convention was held. Also worked as sound assistant for "Off World Fashion Show" and held "Green Putty Awards" - bad poetry session.

 Nowracon, 1989. Leprechaun Motel, Nowra.
Co-convenor (with Karen Auhl) of a small (30 members) convention based on the theme of relaxation. Wrote most of 4 progress reports, replied to written enquiries prior to convention, banked attendance fee cheques, issued receipts, liased with motel, helped organise banquet, developed program.

 Huttcon, 1990. Diplomat Motel, St. Kilda, Melbourne.
Was a committee member from 1986 – post  convention.  I held the post of secretary for this convention from 1987 until 1991. Huttcon was voted to be Australian National Science-fiction, Media convention for 1990. at Conspire, 1989. I wrote and presented the convention proposal that saw us elected as Natcon.
I assisted in selecting the convention site.
     As secretary, I handled the majority of mail and phone enquries regarding the convention. I liased with British actor Simon Jones, with regards to being Guest of Honour at this convention. When he was unable to attend due to work committments I liased with Ed Bishop, also from England. I also liased with Margaret, Rebecca and Norman Hetherington, of Sydney, to attend as Guests of Honour.
     During my time with Huttcon, I was responsible for holding a variety of fundraising activities which took place in the Sydney area.
     I assisted in the writing of progress reports, as well as collating the post-convention report.
     Huttcon had a membership of approximately 300 people. Profits from this convention were donated to Greenpeace Australia.

Comedycon 1994. Trade Winds Motor Inn, Maroubra, Sydney.
     I was liason person for the Guest of Honour, British comedian Hattie Hayridge, as well as motel liason person for this convention. I assisted in holding a variety of fundraising events for this convention. I helped write the convention progress reports, as well as the convention program book, with assistance from Jo and Graeme Batho. Comedycon was a medium size convention with approximately 95-100 attendees. It nominated Diabetes Australia as its charity, and through convention events such as a special auction it raised approximately $500 for this charity.

Aussiecon 3. the 57th World Science-fiction convention. Wrote articles regarding this convention (Aurealis issue 20/21, Harbinger issue 2) . Distributed convention leaflets. Became NSW Agent for Aussiecon 3 in July 1998 after Eric Lindsay moved to QLD. Appeared on Smeg Radio (2RRR.FM) to promote Aussiecon 3 on 10 March, 1999 and 18th August.

 Aussiecon 3. On panel with Jeanne Mealy and Danny Heap to discuss "Convention going for beginners." Sunday 5th September, 1999.

 Nelcon. 2000. Small (23 members) relaxacon held at Country Comfort Motel, Salamander Bay, Port Stephens. Secretary/Treasurer/Motel Liason. Wrote convention booklet, organised con bags, liased with specialist speakers (Susan Batho, Rob Riel, Ted Scribner). Convention donated $100 to Juvenile Diabetes.

 Aussiecon 4:  Read from my novel, "The Whale's Tale" and read "Rocket and Sparky" (from Worlds next Door) as part of the convention program.
Appeared on a panel about fan publications with Erika Lacey and ... as part of the program.

Nullus Anxietas Discworld convention, Penrith, NSW 8-10 April, 2011. Conducted a 2 panel Writers Workshop with Simon Petrie (Session 1 Friday 8/4/11, Session 2 10/4/11)
Presented a panel on Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine ceolebrating the release of 50 issues with Simon Petrie.

Panel on the "Boundaries of Young Adult Speculative Fictio"n with Crissetta MacLeod (Chair) Tycho Petrie, Dawn meredith Conflux convention 1st October, 2011.

Panels at UnCONvention, NZ National SF convention, 1-3 June, 2012, Auckland (Attending as FFANZ delegate)
"Get Real"  panel with Robin Clark, Kevin McLean and ??? (nice lady who was a last minute substitute panelist)
"Small Presses" with Stephen Minchin, Grace bridges and Lee Murray.
Author reading of Whales tale and "HG" (ASIM 54) at UnCONventional

Visited and spoke with students from Sunshine College (Vic) book-club regarding my novel " The Whale's Tale" as well as writing in general, September, 2010.

Judging:  Aurealis Awards Children's Section, 2011.

Television Appearance:

The Couchman Show, hosted by Peter Couchman. Invited as a special guest re debate on science-fiction. Aired ABC television April 1989.

Radio Appearances:

Bob Hughes Show, 2BL Sydney. September, 1994. With Hattie Hayridge to promote Comedycon convention.

 Ken Regez Program. WCLO, Wisconsin, USA. Assisted in supplying research and questions for interview with Forrest J. Ackerman. July (?) 1997.

 Spoke with Peter Bryant to promote Aussiecon 3. on Smeg Radio (2RRR.FM) on Wednesday 10 March, 1999, and again on 18th August, 1999.


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Donkey photo

Thanks Bernice!
How are things with you???
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Good - got a new job starting next week. Am now the librarian for a string of NSW colleges. I'm panicking...
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At least three lists of Australian SF authors were started last year.
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Aus Authors list

Wonder if I have to ask to be added to the other two? What were they? Thanks for letting me know, Thomas.
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It all adds up, doesn't it? I need to revisit my own writer's resume. You might like to put this on your LinkedIn profile if you haven't already.
edsed From: edsed Date: February 22nd, 2011 04:10 am (UTC) (Link)

CV's et al

Thanks for the tip, Sue.
You're right. It *does* all add up. I originally scratched my CV together when I was feeling low about my writing efforts. When I see it all listed out, I feel like I *have* done something. And I reckon your CV would be bigger than mine!
sue_bursztynski From: sue_bursztynski Date: March 20th, 2011 06:24 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: CV's et al

Some years ago, I was having a chat with Helen Sargeant, now Helen Patrice. She was doing a writing course at one of the tertiary institutions, don't recall which one. There was this list they pinned up of how much stuff you'd had published. At first, she was on the bottom of the list because she assumed it had to be major paid publishing. Then she found out that even the lecturers had mostly been published in those literary magazines that get so much more respect than the likes of ASIM but have to be supported with grants years after their first issue and publish some tiny number of copies. Helen figured that actually, she'd been published a lot more than any of them and re-worked her resume. After that, she was on the top of the list.

We never think to include all the things we've done because it didn't seem important at the time, but of course, it is. When my students are doing their resumes, I make them put in everything they can think of that will interest a potential employer. For example, when some young lady says she's cooked for a major Sudanese community event, I make her include that. It not only tells the employer she's a good cook, but that she works well with others and has an interest in her community. Several of my Year 8 boys have actually been able to drive when they were thirteen - one of them had gone to visit his mother's family in the Philippines and his grandfather taught him. Whiule an employer might not give him driving tasks before he's old enough, he'd know this kid can pick up stuff quickly. One boy had been helping in the family trade and had developed a lot of skills.

As I said - it all adds up! :-)
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